Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My husband was off during the weekend. He have alternate day offs at work. so he only gets 2 weekends off in every 2 months. Saturday was a warm hot day so we decided to stay home and watch a couple of movies with the kids. Thanks for Red box LOL for a dollar movie.

Ethan and Terrah had a good time playing together @ home.
It was a hot day so we thought it's not a good idea to go to the park

Just trying how my son looks on spikes hair. I think he is cute.
One of my stepson made me buy gel cause he want to try it on his hair but
becausehe's hair is curly he's hair wont stick up, or maybe also because
we bought a cheap hair gel.

We went to a birthday party last sunday. The first picture is ethan and the birthday girl. Ethan met a new friend too

My twin step-sons with my husband and daughter Terrah

Ethan had his first lollipop too. Well I just let him taste it, we dont really allow him to have sweets yet.

After the party we went to the beach in half moon bay to cool off from
a very hot day but when we got there it was foggy.
It was so cold @the beach but we had a good time.

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