Friday, May 15, 2009

7th Month Milestone

While I was going through my son's infant pictures, I noticed that his developmental milestone is different from my younger daughter. Ethan, my son who is now 20 moths old, at At 6th month he started sitting, lunging, rolling over from tummy to back or back to tummy, pulling himself up and crawling but didn't start to teeth till 9th months. While my daughter teethed at 6th months, she started sitting up rolling over, lunging at 5th month. She is also started to pull herself up whenever i put her down on her crib but unlike her brother, my daughter cant crawl yet. Yes it's true that every baby is different, they are unique and meet milestone at their own pace.
Spending time reading, singing, playing, nurturing, and watching them is indeed demands a lot of time and effort but I thank God for this wonderful gift of motherhood and the privilege to see and watch them everyday as they grow and to be a part of their every day life.
Here are pics of my son and daughter during 7th months.

This photo was taken April 1 2008, Ethan was exactly 7th month.

Terrah at 7th months 3 days taken May 13 2009


carlota said...

she's so adorable. love her photos.

thanks sa comment ms Rowena really appreciate it.

Over The Top Aprons said...

Hi, Rowena, your child is adorable; I love all the sweet pictures. They will be marvelous memories.

Arlyna said...

Awww, no matter how exhausting it is to be a mother looking at their faces just makes everything worth it. I am not one but hopefully one day I can experience what you are going through now. My hats are off to you for raising these bundle of joys :)

katherine said...

hehehe, type ko yong nasa timba..hahaha cute

羊肉羹麵Paul said...


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