Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dedication's Invitation.

I finally finished the dedication's invitation for my son and daughter. I made it through Adobe photoshop CS4. The invitation has 10 layers got it from 7 different pictures and after a couple of tries to print them i finally got the right color. Cause most of the time you get different color for your prints, usually they come out darker compare to the computer. At first I ordered 1 print from Longs for 1.49 for 5x7 it came out perfect so I ordered 15 more but it came out so dark so I went there and complain about it. Good grief they refund my money. So I ended up ordering prints @ Costco for the same same size but they cost 39 cents a piece. Yeee i save so much, I
saved $31 for 30 copies. So this is the invitation I made.

Fathers Day

A lot of things happen this last 2 weeks thats why didnt had a chance to bloghop. But here I am started visiting site again. Thanks to Katherine, and Arlynna who never gets tired dropping by and leaving me msgs. Well my stepsons was promoted to middle high, their last week of school, we were at their school everyday watching plays and programs, birthday parties. And on Fathers Day I made my hubby and son a breakfast

Oatmeal, with flaxseeds, honey and strawberry, their fav breakfast

My family, my life

Friday, June 12, 2009

Philippine Independence Day

I thank katherine for giving me this operation meme 111. We Filipinos, eventhough we are not in the philippines, should not forget Filipino History including this very important event that occured in June 12 1898, The Philippine Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos.

"The Philippine Declaration of Independence occurred on June 12, 1898 in the Philippines, where Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo (later to become the Philippines' first Republican President) proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain after the latter was defeated at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. The declaration, in the form of a proclamation, in the presence of a huge crowd, was done on June 12, 1898 at the ancestral home of General Emilio Aguinaldo between four and five in the afternoon in Cavite el Viejo (now Kawit), Cavite, some 30 kilometers South of Manila. The event saw the unfurling of the National Flag of the Philippines, made in Hong Kong by Mrs. Marcela Agoncillo, Lorenza Agoncillo and Delfina Herboza, and the performance of the Marcha Filipina Magdalo, as the Nation's National Anthem, now known as Lupang Hinirang, which was composed by Julian Felipe and played by the San Francisco de Malabon Marching band."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We spent our weekend to see the giant trees up north. Thats why i was not able to blog the past 2 days. It was a very nice, exciting and interesting weekend for me. We stayed @ Vagabond hotel in Ukiah we got there @ 5pm saturday, after we checked in we head to Mendocino but it's already dark when we got there. so we decided to go back to our hotel it took us an hour and 10 mins to drive from mendocino back to ukiah. We checked out @9 am and started to drive to Legget where the drive thru trees is. These are some of the pics I and my hubby took.

Our van driving thru the chandelier tree. The second picture is me w/ my father in law and kids.
After the drive thru tree we went to the other drive thru tree but on our way there we seen this Tree House. The tree is 4000 yrs old and the inside was burnt 300 yrs ago, they made at he tree as part of the gift shop. The height of the tree is 250 ft and the inside cavity is 5o ft 101 1/2 feet circumference and 33 ft diameter(huge ha) it's truly amazing. The third pics is taken inside the tree.

This is another drive thru tree located in myers flat, the tree is 5000 yrs old. My son enjoyed playing in those tree houses. The last pic is called a drive on log

Then we went to this tree house cal;led eternal tree in Redcrest. You can see the old pics of the eternal tree house in these link: http://www.image-archeology.com/redwood_tree_2.htm The tree house was a gift shop b4 but when we got there it was empty.
We also drive in the avenue of the giants where I saw lots and lots of huge old trees. I knew theres a lot more to explore there and i would love to go back there, yes maybe this coming summer vacation cause we want to take the twins too.

Friday, May 22, 2009


We are planning to go to fortuna and Eureka tomorrow. My hubby went there last 2005 and showed me pictures of big trees, One of them is really huge that they made a hole where cars can pass through. I havent seen big trees in the philippines like this. Actually my husband took me to Big Basin etc where the big trees are (cant remember the name of the other places) Yes my husband loves to take pictures of nature. So we usually go to the woods or beaches. I've seen lots of very huge trees but it's still amazes me whenever I see them. I wonder if we still have those big old trees in the phil. like as old as 500 or 1000 yrs...

Photo was taken February 2005 in Legget Mendocino County by my husband. This tree was carved in 1930s the maximum age of this tree is 2400 yrs. WOW cant wait to see it too.


My husband's mom past away more than 10 years ago, I was not able to meet her since I got here only last 3 years ago. They said she is a really nice person. My father in-law is living together with his girlfriend Janet. Janet and dad in-law is very nice towards me and my kids and I'm blessed and thankful for them cause they are really a great help to me. My parents are still in the philippines but we planned to visit them next year. Here are a couple of pictures of my kids with their grandpa and grandma Janet. I prefer to teach my kids to call Janet Granny though my stepsons call her name. I myself call her mama.

This picture was taken at Hayward Kaiser with his Grandma Joyce (My hubby's mom sister)

Taken @ Janets with his Grandpa and granny when he was 7 days old

Grandpa and 3 months old Ethan

Thanksgiving day 2008m, Terrah was 1 month 2 weeks old Ethan is 14 mos

Christmas eve 2008

Easter 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009


My hubby finally agreed to get my daughter an earring. My hubby was worried that it might be too painful for her or her ears might get infected. But after months of convincing him he said yes.. So we went to the mall but when we got there around 8:30 pm they told us that they need at least an hour before closing time and we need to show her immunization card too. Well, we have to go back there tomorrow, terrah got lucky. Actually I feel a little bit relieved cause I myself don't wanna see her in pain. Before we left the Mall I tool a couple of pictures. I'll be posting her pic tomorrow after I get her ear pierce.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My husband was off during the weekend. He have alternate day offs at work. so he only gets 2 weekends off in every 2 months. Saturday was a warm hot day so we decided to stay home and watch a couple of movies with the kids. Thanks for Red box LOL for a dollar movie.

Ethan and Terrah had a good time playing together @ home.
It was a hot day so we thought it's not a good idea to go to the park

Just trying how my son looks on spikes hair. I think he is cute.
One of my stepson made me buy gel cause he want to try it on his hair but
becausehe's hair is curly he's hair wont stick up, or maybe also because
we bought a cheap hair gel.

We went to a birthday party last sunday. The first picture is ethan and the birthday girl. Ethan met a new friend too

My twin step-sons with my husband and daughter Terrah

Ethan had his first lollipop too. Well I just let him taste it, we dont really allow him to have sweets yet.

After the party we went to the beach in half moon bay to cool off from
a very hot day but when we got there it was foggy.
It was so cold @the beach but we had a good time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Every time my son cries because he got hurt, or his dad or brothers took something away from him he would come running to me for comfort. Then I will embrace him and ask him what happen and try to explain things to him, he is only 1 year and 8 mos old, and I knew he cant fully comprehend what am I saying but somehow he would stop crying and continue on whatever he is doing. While I was comforting him this afternoon, it made me thinks about grown up like us, whom or where do we run to when problems or bad circumstances struck us. Some ran and ask help from friends, relatives or love ones, which sometimes they maybe helping and sometimes may not, or worst even makes the problem more complicated cause mostly people tend to listen just the other side of the story. Then when things gone so bad and we couldn't think of someone or somewhere to go, we remember to pray. Most of the time we ran to God as our last resort. I realize that maybe God want us to be like child that when things go wrong He wants us to run to Him before anyone else. After all He's Love is always sufficient. Thank you Lord for making me think about this, reminding me of your unfailing Love. Bless my family always Lord.
Ethan does not really talk yet, He just bubbles words a lot and I just answer him back as if I understand what he is saying. He's doctor sent me an appointment letter for his speech check up in three months, His doctor said if he don't say at least 3-5 right words we'll gonna see a speech therapist. So I am hoping and praying that he would speak soon. Well he speaks a lot it's just that we don't understand. Actually he loves giving a long speech (LOL).

Friday, May 15, 2009

7th Month Milestone

While I was going through my son's infant pictures, I noticed that his developmental milestone is different from my younger daughter. Ethan, my son who is now 20 moths old, at At 6th month he started sitting, lunging, rolling over from tummy to back or back to tummy, pulling himself up and crawling but didn't start to teeth till 9th months. While my daughter teethed at 6th months, she started sitting up rolling over, lunging at 5th month. She is also started to pull herself up whenever i put her down on her crib but unlike her brother, my daughter cant crawl yet. Yes it's true that every baby is different, they are unique and meet milestone at their own pace.
Spending time reading, singing, playing, nurturing, and watching them is indeed demands a lot of time and effort but I thank God for this wonderful gift of motherhood and the privilege to see and watch them everyday as they grow and to be a part of their every day life.
Here are pics of my son and daughter during 7th months.

This photo was taken April 1 2008, Ethan was exactly 7th month.

Terrah at 7th months 3 days taken May 13 2009

MOMMY MOMENTS - Silly Moments

This was taken when ethan was 11 months

This was last Halooween. He is messing with the pumpkin his brother carved.

My twin stepsons. Thought this is funny and silly

Ethan before his first haircut

My daughter Terrah, silly mommy

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