Saturday, May 16, 2009


Every time my son cries because he got hurt, or his dad or brothers took something away from him he would come running to me for comfort. Then I will embrace him and ask him what happen and try to explain things to him, he is only 1 year and 8 mos old, and I knew he cant fully comprehend what am I saying but somehow he would stop crying and continue on whatever he is doing. While I was comforting him this afternoon, it made me thinks about grown up like us, whom or where do we run to when problems or bad circumstances struck us. Some ran and ask help from friends, relatives or love ones, which sometimes they maybe helping and sometimes may not, or worst even makes the problem more complicated cause mostly people tend to listen just the other side of the story. Then when things gone so bad and we couldn't think of someone or somewhere to go, we remember to pray. Most of the time we ran to God as our last resort. I realize that maybe God want us to be like child that when things go wrong He wants us to run to Him before anyone else. After all He's Love is always sufficient. Thank you Lord for making me think about this, reminding me of your unfailing Love. Bless my family always Lord.
Ethan does not really talk yet, He just bubbles words a lot and I just answer him back as if I understand what he is saying. He's doctor sent me an appointment letter for his speech check up in three months, His doctor said if he don't say at least 3-5 right words we'll gonna see a speech therapist. So I am hoping and praying that he would speak soon. Well he speaks a lot it's just that we don't understand. Actually he loves giving a long speech (LOL).


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