Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pigeon Point Beach

It's been 2 days , and I cant take my kids out to the park cause it's been raining since yesterday. Yes it's been a cold days but I noticed this morning the temperature warmed up and so I am expecting that this coming week will be a good week to take the kids to the beach. Especially now that I cant take them to mall or any shopping center because of the swine flu. I knew beach is the best place to take the kids since there is not that much people and i dont have to worry about them getting the disease. Last week we took my son and daughter to Pigeon Point Beach with their grandpa. Though Ethan is afraid to go near the water maybe because of the sound of the waves and I did let him feel the water (it's freezing cold he he he). He did had a good time exploring and so as my daughter. Before we went to Pigeon Point my hubby took us to the Hotel by the beach (JW Marriott Hotel). It's a nice European style hotel) Wish to stay there someday. Here are the pics taken:


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