Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I went to the Lucky's Store last night with my son to use my wic checks. So I got a lot of stuff like 9 cans of formula, 2 gallons of fresh milk, eggs, cheese, juices etc. I got my cart almost half full. And into my surprise, when I got to the counter the cashier said my checks is not valid till the 7th of May, it was only the 5th yesterday. I was so embarrased and upset cause I just wasted my time. The cashier is nice that he told me to just leave the stuff on the counter and they will return it for me. My last month wic check was dated the 5th and I assumed the new ones are dated the same. So I got my lesson here "always check the date".
I got up @ 6:50 AM this morning to get the clothes from the laundry room. I'm still sleepy, went to bed @2 am last night but I decided to stay up so I could start to do things. Got a lot of clothes to fold, didnt get a chance to do it last night cause I was busy bloghopping. I just finished to wash my babies bottle, my hubby always tells me to just put the bottle in the dishwashing but I do not trust it. I'm dozing off maybe I should go back to bed till my baby and tots wake up, cause I wont be able to have nap later.


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