Friday, May 8, 2009

My Super Boy

I needed more baby and toddler proffing at home. This morning I caught my 20 months old son climbing up on his dresser. It caught me by surprise, how the heck did he got in there! Well just watching my son is a handful, He is in his climbing mode, he tries so hard to get into things that we told him not to. Everytime he does things that we forbid him, I put him inside his playpen so to let him know the consequences of his action. He hates being inside his playpen.

Ethan @ School waiting for his brothers, fascinated with woods and sticks.

Terrah looking up the flags.


carlota said...

what a smart little guy. you kids are soooo adorable. Happy Friday!

Arlyna said...

Rowena - your kids are so adorable. It looks like your Ethan is a handful. Enjoy - Happy Mother's Day :)

Ness said...

Your baby is soooo cute..I like his dimple..;)

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