Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We spent our weekend to see the giant trees up north. Thats why i was not able to blog the past 2 days. It was a very nice, exciting and interesting weekend for me. We stayed @ Vagabond hotel in Ukiah we got there @ 5pm saturday, after we checked in we head to Mendocino but it's already dark when we got there. so we decided to go back to our hotel it took us an hour and 10 mins to drive from mendocino back to ukiah. We checked out @9 am and started to drive to Legget where the drive thru trees is. These are some of the pics I and my hubby took.

Our van driving thru the chandelier tree. The second picture is me w/ my father in law and kids.
After the drive thru tree we went to the other drive thru tree but on our way there we seen this Tree House. The tree is 4000 yrs old and the inside was burnt 300 yrs ago, they made at he tree as part of the gift shop. The height of the tree is 250 ft and the inside cavity is 5o ft 101 1/2 feet circumference and 33 ft diameter(huge ha) it's truly amazing. The third pics is taken inside the tree.

This is another drive thru tree located in myers flat, the tree is 5000 yrs old. My son enjoyed playing in those tree houses. The last pic is called a drive on log

Then we went to this tree house cal;led eternal tree in Redcrest. You can see the old pics of the eternal tree house in these link: http://www.image-archeology.com/redwood_tree_2.htm The tree house was a gift shop b4 but when we got there it was empty.
We also drive in the avenue of the giants where I saw lots and lots of huge old trees. I knew theres a lot more to explore there and i would love to go back there, yes maybe this coming summer vacation cause we want to take the twins too.


joe-ann said...

wow,truly amazing.I've seen big trees in Island Mainau, but not as big as these. If given the chance,I would surely want to visit the place.=)

Cecile said...

amazing trees aren't they, would love to see them someday :-).

Arlyna said...

Row, great pics. Love to visit those trees one day. Take care :)

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I just wanted to let you know that this weekend I'll be posting the June comment challenge button and linky. Have you picked up your comment trophy yet?
Thanks for participating.

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