Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Terrah Joy @ 6 mos. & 3 weeks old

My daughter started to sit up unsupported a month ago, She was only 5 mos and 3 weeks old by that time. Today is my daughter is 6 months and 3 weeks old.

  • *She can now lunge forward to reach things,
  • *she's very good in sitting unsupported,
  • *She rocks back and forth when she is on her saucer/rocker or even when I'm holding her with her both hands,
  • *she can stand up on her crib holding on the rail of the crib, she can pull herself up holding on to my hands,
  • *she rolls over, lift her arms to be picked up,
  • *she use her hand to bat things, hold and shake different objects and bring interesting toys to her mouth including her feet.
  • *Terrah Joy loves to watch her baby Einstein tape and singing and dancing videos. She gets so upset and start screaming when you take things away from her too.
  • *She also loves to grab toys or anything that her older brother is holding.
When Ethan my older son, who is now 2o months old. He started to sit up unsupported when he was 6 mos, started crawling when he was 6 mos 28 days old. We didn't put terrah on her tummy as much as we did with our son cause of Ethan loves to roam around and play with her sister whenever we put our daughter on the floor. We are scared of him that he might hurt his sister accidentally so we tried not to let them stay in one place together. He started to pull himself up too that time, he can pull himself up and move to places holding on to furniture. Ethan is a little spoiled unlike Terrah. My son needs to be rock and most of the time he wants me to lay in bed with him and he would wrap his arms on my neck during his nap and bed time. I couldn't get out of bed till he fell asleep. While Terrah is contented to just be in her crib and she will play to sleep.
My kids are a handful plus I have the twins too. But I'm happy being a mom and a stepmom. I thank God everyday for such a wonderful blessing. My kids are our joy and love.


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