Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello Everyone

Just Started my blog so bare with me. I had a chat with my friend Jamie today and talked about my blog, ask her help to help me monetize it someday cause she told me i needed 30 days before i could start to monetize my blog. I also asked her to be one of the God mother of Ethan for the coming dedication. And she agreed so thank you Jamie. I met Jamie @ the US Immigration in the phil. and since then we called each other from time to time. I'll be doing a dedication for my son and daughter this coming June 21st. But me and my hubby have to attend a seminar 2nd sunday of that month. I planned to have the dedication @ Harbor Light Church in Thornton Fremont Ca. 5-10 mins away from here. Well can't wait to finally dedicate my kids to the Lord. My kids are the very best and wonderful blessings I recieved from God. I'm so thankful and feel blessed everyday having them and seeing them grow. And I have to make sure and do my best to bring them up with a God fearing spirit. So help me God.


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